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Consumer Advisory | Insurance Resources for Those Affected by Floods

July 17, 2023

MONTPELIER, Vt. – The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation provides the following important flood insurance resources for those impacted by the flood.

  • For individuals or businesses with flood insurance, the first step is to determine if your coverage is provided by a private insurer or through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Check your policy or contact your agent if you are unsure.   
    • If you are covered by the NFIP, please see this site to file a claim or call the NFIP Call Center at (877) 336-2627.  The deadline for filing your NFIP claim is September 12, 2023.
    • If you are covered by private flood insurance, contact your agent or the insurance company to file a claim.
    • Individuals may also be eligible for FEMA disaster assistance. Please refer to FEMA 
    • Individuals and businesses may be eligible for low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Please refer to the SBA Disaster Loan Assistance website.
    • The Agency of Commerce and Community Development has a Resource Center that can help your business identify resources that you may need.  
  • For individuals without flood insurance, please be aware that most Homeowners policies do not provide coverage for losses due to flooding. However, you should contact your agent or insurance company to verify your coverage. You should also file a claim as you will likely need a denial from your insurer to apply for federal disaster assistance. For information on disaster assistance, please refer to FEMA
  • For businesses without flood insurance, contact the Small Business Association at SBA Business Physical Disaster Loan or SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan as low-interest loans may be available.
    • The Agency of Commerce and Community Development has set up a Resource Center which can help you identify needed resources. 
  • For information on

General Resources

DFR Disaster Guidance FAQs
FEMA - Tools to Recover
Various Types of Disaster Assistance – Disaster Assistance.Gov
National Flood Insurance Program - Summary of Coverage
NAIC - Flood Insurance Basics
State of Vermont - Main Site Flood Resources

If you have questions, please contact Consumer Services at 800-964-1784 or

Note: for overall information about flood insurance, visit the DFR Flood Insurance webpage. Use this link to download a PDF version of this advisory.