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Rental Network Contracts Registration

Persons conducting business in Vermont through provider rental network contracts are required to register with the commissioner of the Department of Financial Regulation. This registration requirement applies only to organizations not otherwise licensed or registered with the Department. Refer to 18 V.S.A. § 9418 and V.S.A. § 9418f.

General Instructions

Any person not otherwise licensed or registered by the commissioner that intends to conduct business as a contracting entity shall register with the commissioner prior to commencing business. See 18 V.S.A § 9418 and V.S.A. § 9418f. After completing the registration form, go to the Fee Submission Form for instructions for submitting the $200.00 annual registration fee.

For any questions about the Registration and Fee Submission Forms below, please feel free to contact:
Company Licensing at 802-828-2470 or

Rental Network Registration Submission Form
Rental Network Contracts Registrants