Health Services Wait Times

Investigation Overview

In response to reports of lengthy wait times for medical appointments, the State of Vermont has launched an interagency investigation into health access across the state.

In partnership with health providers, advocates, independent experts, and community members, the investigative team will study excessive health service wait times and report its findings and recommendations to the Vermont Legislature. 

For questions or to submit your own experience of a long wait for a health appointment, please contact:

Public Listening Sessions

In partnership with Vermont’s Health Care Advocate, the investigation organized two public listening sessions this fall for community members to share how delayed care has impacted their lives. Members of the investigative team moderated the discussions on Wednesday, October 27 and Thursday, November 4. 

A recording of each session will be transcribed and appended to the investigation’s final report to the Legislature. All transcribed attendee comments will be anonymous unless otherwise requested by the speaker. 

The deadline for submitting your comments was December 15, 2021. The comment period is now closed.

Experiencing Wait Times Issues?

Commercial health insurers and Vermont Medicaid have resources available to assist consumers with finding primary and specialty care within a reasonable timeframe, including transportation to and from appointments, and telemedicine services. 

Further, consumers with commercial insurance may be able to see out-of-network providers at in-network rates if no in-network provider is available and accessible on a timely basis. 

For more information, consult these Consumer Resources to Help Locate Available Health Care Providers.

Investigative Team

Agency of Human Services

Mike Smith, Secretary of Human Services
Ena Backus, Director of Health Care Reform (Investigation Lead)
Wendy Trafton, Deputy Director of Health Care Reform

Green Mountain Care Board

Kevin Mullin, Chairman
Susan Barrett, Executive Director
Professor Jessica Holmes, Board Member
Michele Degree, Health Policy Project Director

Department of Financial Regulation 

Michael Pieciak, Commissioner
Isaac Dayno, Special Assistant to the Commissioner (Investigation Project Manager) 
Kevin Gaffney, Deputy Commissioner of Insurance 
Emily Brown, Director of Rates & Forms 
Sebastian Arduengo, Assistant General Counsel 

Investigation Partners 

Office of the Health Care Advocate 
Oliver Wyman Consulting 

Press Releases 

Consumer Resources to Help Locate Available Health Care Providers

Contact Information

Department of Financial Regulation
Consumer Services 
89 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 05620 - 3101

833-DFR-HOTLINE (toll free)
833-337-4685 (toll free)

Public Information
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