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COVID Paid Leave

DFR will award grants to employers to reimburse eligible costs of providing COVID-19-related paid leave to employees.

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Image of a home with the text "High Rate Mortgage Loan Disclosure Order"

Industry Alert

Learn more about the recent Banking Order on Mortgage High Rate Disclosures.

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health services wait times

Health Services Wait Times Report

Learn more about the State of Vermont's review of health services wait times.

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Covid Cells

COVID Resources

Find information on DFR-related COVID resources and state-related COVID testing, vaccines, and activity.

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Computer and notebook. Third party administrators.

Third Party Administrators

Under Rule I-2021-01, effective July 1, 2022, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) require licensure to operate in Vermont.

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 Update to M&T Bank Merger

Update to M&T Bank merger, a message from M&T Bank:

We appreciate the efforts of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation to support our Vermont customers.  While the vast majority of customers have had a successful onboarding and log-in experience, we know the experience for others has fallen short of our expectations.  Systems that may have been unavailable immediately following conversion are now up and running and over 300 thousand legacy People’s United customers have successfully logged in. Still, we recognize some customers continue to be challenged with first time log in and passwords and we’re all-hands-on-deck to help them through the process.

If you are one of our customers that is still in need of support, we offer different avenues for you to get that support.

As wait times at call centers and branches were still higher than acceptable, we’ve boosted those resources further to help ensure any lingering challenges are resolved for our customers.  We’ve redeployed staff from all over the bank to speak to customers and extended our call center hours this weekend to help our customers. As a result, we continue to see those wait times decline each day.

M&T Bank remains committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience, which will continue throughout our branches and online long after this integration of systems is complete.

If you have further questions/concerns, the regulator for M&T can be reached by phone at (800) 342-3736 or email New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).

The Department of Financial Regulation (DFR) is a state agency that protects consumers while ensuring industry partners operate in a responsible manner.

Consumers, identified as anyone from the public using the services of a financial institution, investment firm, or insurance company, can find information on our website to help secure their financial well-being.

Industry partners in the fields of banking, insurance, securities, and captive insurance can find information on our website about conducting businesses in Vermont.