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Changes to Your License

Moving Within Resident State

To submit an address change please utilize the electronic service called Contact Change Request (CCR), that has replaced the Address Change Request (ACR) service. The contact change request service will look different, however will continue to function the same as the address change request, which allows you to submit address changes to the business, mailing and residential address for licensees. In June 2015, Vermont implemented the new contact change request service so that you can also update email addresses and telephone numbers. There are no fees charged for this service.

If you have moved, but still reside in the same state, you can submit the address change electronically using NIPR

Moving from One State to Another

Resident licensee who has moved from Vermont to another state must submit a request to cancel their resident license in Vermont. If they wish to become licensed in their new resident state, they also need to request that the department issue a letter of clearance. The request must be signed and dated by the licensee and should include a mailing address. These requests can be submitted electronically by scanning the dated and signed request and emailing it to or it can be faxed to 802-828-1633.

Nonresident licensee who has moved from one state to another state or a Resident licensee who moved from this state to another state must file a change of address and provide certification from the new resident state within 30 days of the change of legal residence. These changes cannot be done electronically and you must submit the address change form. In addition to the form, please enclose a Home State Certification Letter from your new state of residence, (only required if your new home state does not report licensing information into the Producer Data Base (PDB). Please email the form(s) to or fax the form to 802-828-1633.

Name Changes

If you need to change your name on record with the department, please submit the change in writing along with a copy of the documentation that supports the name change, such as a copy of your marriage certificate or copy of official court documentation supporting the name change. You can scan and email the documents to or fax the documents to 802-828-1633.