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The Securities Division administers Vermont’s “Blue Sky Laws” contained in the Vermont Uniform Securities Act, 9 VSA Chapter 150 (Securities Act). The Securities Division is responsible for protecting Vermonters from investment fraud and promoting the development of Vermont’s capital markets by: 

  • Reviewing and registering securities offered to Vermont investors and where appropriate granting registration exceptions to facilitate capital formation;
  • Registering Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisors, and their agents and representatives;
  • Conducting regular financial examinations on investment professionals;
  • Responding to investor complaints and investigating potential violations of the securities laws;
  • Bringing administrative or civil actions against violators of the securities laws;
  • Educating Vermont investors, industry participants and businesses about securities laws; and
  • Updating securities regulations to keep pace with evolutions in the industry.

Mission Statement

To protect Vermont investors against fraud and promote sustainable development of Vermont’s capital markets.

Vision Statement

The Department of Financial Regulation Securities Division aims to develop sensible and flexible securities laws and regulations to ensure Vermont investors have complete confidence in the investments available to them, while Vermont businesses are able to easily access capital markets. The Securities Division also seeks to register high-quality professionals to advise Vermonters on their investments and maintain a visible presence in the small business community. 


Contact Information

By phone: (802) 828-3420