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Banking Complaints

This web page is for consumers to file complaints for Vermont regulated financial institutions: banks, credit unions and licensed providers such as mortgage industry, money transmitters and others.

File a Complaint for Federal or National Institutions

The Vermont Department of Financial Regulation - Banking Division does not regulate all financial institutions. Some banks, their subsidiaries, and credit unions are regulated by other government agencies, even though they are headquartered here, or operate branches in Vermont.

If you are aware that the bank is federally regulated or the credit union is federally regulated the following are options for filing a complaint.

National or Federal Banks

To file a complaint about a National Bank and Federal Savings and Loan or Federal Savings Bank, please contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Customer Assistance Group: 800-613-6743

Federal Credit Unions

To file a complaint about a Federal Credit Union, contact the National Credit Union Administration:

Consumer Line: 800-755-1030
Complaint e-mail:

File a Complaint for State Regulated Institutions

Below you will find a link with the list of State chartered banks and credit unions that the Department of Financial Regulation regulates.

If your bank or credit union is state chartered you may file a complaint with our Department either online or by mail

If you are uncertain of the appropriate regulatory authority or to verify a licensed lender, mortgage industry company, sales finance company, debt adjuster, or money servicer is licensed in Vermont, please refer to the NMLS Consumer Access.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation - Banking Division at or call 802-828-3307 for support. At the time of your contact we will determine and communicate the appropriate channel for your complaint.