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Prometric is the department’s Continuing Education (CE) vendor. Prometric has partnered with Sircon to provide online access to check your CE credits and obtain information on approved courses.The CE Producer Information Fact Sheet is a complete guide to the CE program and will provide answers to frequently asked questions. The CE extension form is located at the bottom of this page.   

Check your CE credit transcript for the prior period as well as the current period.

Proctoring of Online Courses

In response to the current health emergency in Vermont, the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation is making temporary changes to requirements for delivering online courses and online course proctoring which will remain in effect until such time as the Department otherwise directs.

DFR will allow providers to deliver currently approved classroom courses via webinar without having to re-file those courses with DFR. Providers will not be required to submit separate course applications for these webinar courses prior to delivering these courses to students.

Providers will be required to submit a request to Prometric with the course information and a detailed explanation about how attendance will be monitored. These requests must be submitted for approval to with the subject line, Vermont COVID-19 Conversion Request: [provider ID]. Please include the course name(s) and number(s) in the body of the email.

Also, for online courses where a proctor is required, DFR has created the Continuing Education Attestation of Personal Responsibility Form. This form will require individuals to attest that they have not received outside assistance while completing the online course exam. Providers must collect this form from the student in a method determined by the provider prior to electronically banking/submitting credits to Prometric. We ask that providers make this form available to students immediately in order to prevent any delays.

DFR will post further notice on this website as notification of when this temporary accommodation has been lifted.

Any questions concerning this bulletin may be directed to Christina Rouleau, Director of Producer Licensing, at

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You can check the status of a licensed individual or entity and determine if a license is active, renewed or lapsed, including verification of company appointments through SIRCON. 

The name of the person or entity is required to use this inquiry. Please note, you cannot shop for a list of names by location or other criteria using this query.

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