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An insurance producer (also called an agent or insurance broker) is an individual licensed by the department to sell insurance in that state.

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Notices for Producer and Individual Licensing

Appointment Renewal Cycle

The State of Vermont is sending notice regarding the upcoming appointment renewal cycle taking place in the beginning of June 2022. This year all appointment renewal invoices, and invoice breakdowns will be made available on the National Producer Registry site. The invoices will be available June 3, 2022 and can be paid directly via NIPR’s site. Vermont will not be utilizing other vendors for payment at this time. Once the invoices are generated, no adjustments can be made to the invoice. The department recommends terminating any current appointments before May 31, 2022 to guarantee all terminations are processed before the invoices are generated. Any new appointments submitted now until May 30, 2022 will be subject to renewal. Failure to pay the renewal invoice could result in the termination of appointments per Vermont statue 8 V.S.A. § 4800 We have provided some information below from NIPR regarding the upcoming renewal cycle. You can also click the link above to visit their website.

NIPR Processing Fees

NIPR Renewal processing fee will equal one percent of the total state fee charged with a minimum of $5 and maximum of $1000.Please visit the NIPR gateway for more information on payment options.

Important Reconciliation Information

Insurance carriers with an NAIC CoCode wishing to reconcile company appointments with the state insurance department may obtain a list of appointments via the Company Appointment Report (CAR) prior to appointment renewal invoices being created. Terminations can be made through the Interactive Appointment and Termination Application. Both applications are available to NIPR Subscribers. If you are not a subscriber or need to verify that you are subscribed to these products, please contact NIPR at 816-783-8467 or for subscription information. You may also utilize the services of an NIPR Reseller.

Please reach out ot the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation Producer Licensing Team if you have questions regarding this notice or about the renewal process. Our direct email is or by phone 802-828-3303.

State Based Systems

On Wednesday August 18, 2021, the State of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation went live on State Based Systems (SBS), a web-based NAIC application that supports state insurance regulation functions. Review our flyer to see how this transition affects you and descriptions of new tools you have access to with active links.

List of Insurance Licensees

Below are current listings of licensees with the state of Vermont. Lists are current as of 7/26/2022. The lists will be updated quarterly and include license number, name, address, license description, and effective date.

Individual Licensees
Agency Licensees 

These lists are sorted by license type and may not contain the same detail as the above lists.

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