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Deputy Commissioner David Provost
Deputy Commissioner David Provost
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The mission of the Captive Insurance Division is to maintain a regulatory system that attracts quality business to Vermont, promotes our reputation in the industry, and safeguards the solvency of captive insurers while recognizing the special purpose for which they were created. The division pursues this mission by:

  • Attracting and licensing quality programs whose primary purpose is risk management or risk financing; 
  • Performing ongoing financial surveillance; 
  • Performing periodic financial examinations; 
  • Implementing and enforcing laws and regulations; 
  • Developing effective and reasonable policies and procedures; and
  • Advancing the growth of Vermont’s captive industry.

Please contact the Captive Insurance Division directly if you have questions or need help with an application or filing at 802-828-3304 or You can also go to Contact Us to connect with a specific staff member.


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Deputy Commissioner

David F. Provost, CFE, is deputy commissioner of the Captive Insurance Division of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation. He is responsible for the administration and regulation of captive insurance companies and risk retention groups. He has been with the Division since 2001, and was appointed deputy effective June 1, 2008.

Mr. Provost has more than 20 years experience in the captive insurance field in both the private and regulatory arenas.  A lifelong Vermonter, he is a Certified Financial Examiner, and a graduate of Champlain College and the University of Vermont.

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