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Fees and Premium Taxes

Fees and PremiumTax Chartupdated as changes occur

Filing Deadlines

Captive Insurance Premium Tax is to be filed and paid annually. The return and tax are due annually on or before March 15 and there are no estimated payments due.  The filer is responsible to confirm that a payment has been received and no balance is due per user access to myVTax following an initiated payment [ACH or by check].  Late payments are subject to interest and penalties assessed by the Vermont Department of Taxes with monthly notices mailed to the registered user and posted to the myVTax user account. Appeal for the abatement of penalties must be made with the 60-day appeal period.


DUE DATE: 03/15/2024

Laws, Regulations and Guidance

8 V.S.A. § 6014 Tax on premiums collected