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Key Electronic Contacts 

► - for general captive information and inquiries

► - for captive mail correspondence requiring regulatory approval (including but not limited to change of business plan, 5-yr pro forma, permitted practice, loan, dividend, waiver or extension); or general notifications (including but not limited to change of officer/director, change in service provider)

► - for captive financial filings (including but not limited to all NAIC and non-NAIC/Vermont domestic related regulatory financial filings, supplemental filings, audited financial statement, actuarial filing, ownership [parent] financials, reinsurer financials) 

IMPORTANT: For Vermont domestic email correspondence please indicate the Vermont License #/Captive Name in the subject line (for all Foreign RRGs please indicate the NAIC#/Captive Name and for Risk Purchasing Groups please indicate company name and assigned #).  Please submit all materials as unsecure with PDFs for same related correspondence combined as one complete file.  Please do not submit ZIP files.



General Division Telephone #:  802-828-3304

Mailing Address:  DFR-Captive Insurance Division, 89 Main Street, Montpelier, VT  05620-3101

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Main Office Staff

David Provost, Deputy Commissioner of Captive Insurance - Photo and Bio
Sandy Bigglestone, Director of Captive Insurance - Photo and Bio
Christine Brown, Assistant Director of Captive Insurance - Photo and Bio
Becky Aitchison, Captive Insurance In-house Examiner III
Jodi Roy, Captive Insurance Analyst
Val Stark, Administrative Assistant

Field Examination Staff

Dan Petterson, Director of Financial Examinations - Photo and Bio

Stacey Alden, Administrative Insurance Examiner
Heidi Rabtoy, Administrative Insurance Examiner
Jonathan Spencer, Administrative Insurance Examiner
Lance Tourville, Administrative Insurance Examiner

Jim DeVoe-Talluto, Examiner-in-Charge

Tanya Griffin, Examiner-in-Charge
Brian Gorton, Examiner-in-Charge
Jennie Kerner, Examiner-in-Charge
Peter Tuhacek, Examiner-in-Charge
Amber Walsh, Examiner-in-Charge
Jenny Coates, Examiner III
Wendy Dubois, Examiner III 
Jayne Gamache, Examiner III
Kara Gibbs, Examiner III

Stacey Gibbs, Examiner III

Megan Hulette, Examiner III
Stacey Kenyon, Examiner III

Abby Lackey (Bernier), Examiner III

Sarah Pregent, Examiner III
Jennifer Ryan, Examiner III
Jocelyn Lamb, Examiner II

Peter Wernhoff, Examiner II

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Department of Financial Regulation
Consumer Services 
89 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 05620 - 3101

833-DFR-HOTLINE (toll free)
833-337-4685 (toll free)

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