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Notice to Policyholders of Proposed Long-Term Care Rate Increase


Insurance Bulletin #216
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To increase consumer awareness and transparency, within 45 days after filing a proposed long-term premium rate increase with the Department, an insurer shall notify all policyholders of any proposed premium rate increase.

An insurer shall provide written notice by first-class mail to the last known mailing address of all affected individual policyholders, group policyholders, and others who are directly billed for group coverage. The insurer shall file a copy of the notice through SERFF in conjunction with its rate request, and within 45 days of the filing shall also file through SERFF a written certification that notices have been sent in accordance with this Bulletin.

The notice is not subject to the Department’s pre-approval, but the notice shall include:

The proposed rate increase for the individual or group policyholder.
A summary of why the rate increase is being requested.
A clear and conspicuous statement that the rate is subject to Department approval.
A statement that the policyholder may provide written or oral comments on the proposed rate increase to the Department.
The Department’s current consumer services contact information, including the website, email address, and toll-free telephone number.

This Bulletin applies to all long-term care rate filings submitted to the Department after September 1, 2020. Inquiries about this Bulletin should be directed to Emily Brown, Director of Rates and Forms ( 

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