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Withdrawal of Ex Parte Order to Cease and Desist

Thursday, May 19, 2022
Docket No. 21-053-S (Withdrawal)



IN RE:         Carinthia 1 L.P.   )                            DOCKET NO. 21-053-S

                    Carinthia 2 L.P.   )                               

Withdrawal of Ex Parte Order to Cease and Desist


     Pursuant to a settlement between the Department of Financial Regulation (“the Department”), Vail Resorts Inc. and Carinthia 1 LP and Carinthia 2 LP (“Respondents”) in cases docketed as 22-CV-00276 and -00410 in the Vermont Superior Court Civil Division, Washington Unit, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED:

 The Ex Parte Cease and Desist Order dated January 7, 2022 in this docket and all legal and factual findings set forth therein are hereby withdrawn, the Information Request set forth therein is deemed satisfied, and no final order shall issue.
The above-captioned administrative proceeding is hereby terminated.  


                        Dated at Montpelier, Vermont this 19th  day of May 2022




                                                       Kevin J. Gaffney, Interim Commissioner

                                                       Vermont Department of Financial Regulation       

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