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Debt Adjuster


The State of Vermont participates in the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System (NMLS).  All applications for a debt adjuster license must be submitted through NMLS.


Additional Information

Jurisdiction Specific Forms

New company license applications are required to meet all surety bond requirements by completing the electronic surety bond process. See the ESB Adoption Map and Table for more information. 


Annual Report of Licensee for YE 12/31/2023 is now in electronic form. Due April 1, 2024.

Vermont Related/Referenced Statutes and Regulations

Who Is Required to Have This License?

  • Any person who enters into an agreement with a debtor and agrees to distribute, supervise, coordinate, negotiate, or control the distribution of money or evidence thereof among one or more of the debtor's creditors in full or partial payment of obligations of the debtor.
  • Any person who provides services as an intermediary between a debtor and one or more of the debtor's creditors for the purpose of obtaining concessions.
  • Any person who solicits debt adjustment services from within Vermont, whether by telephone, by electronic means, or by other means regardless of whether the debtor resides within this state or outside this state.
  • Any person who solicits debt adjustment business with an individual residing in Vermont, whether by mail, by telephone, by electronic means, or by other means.
  • Any person who enters into, or succeeds to, a debt adjustment contract with a Vermont resident.
  • Any person who provides, offers to provide, or agrees to provide debt adjustment services directly or through others, to Vermont residents.
  • Any person who provides a program or strategy which includes a proposed or actual payment or schedule of payments to be made by or on behalf of the debtor to pay debt owed by the debtor.

Who Does Not Need This License?

The following is a partial list of exceptions. For a complete list of exceptions, please refer to 8 V.S.A. § 2763

  • a financial institution
  • a licensed lender who performs debt adjustment in the regular course of its principal business
  • an attorney admitted to practice law in Vermont when engaged in such practice
  • a certified public accountant licensed in this state, when services are rendered in the course of his or her practice as a certified public accountant
  • a bona fide nonprofit religious, fraternal, or cooperative organization offering debt adjustment services exclusively for members

What Are the Fees?

Initial Application

$750.00 (includes a $250.00 Licensing Fee and a $500.00 Investigation Fee)

Additional Applications:

Branch registration - $100.00 Registration Fee


  • Corporate licenses - $350.00 (Includes $100 NMLS processing fee)
  • Branch licenses - $20.00 NMLS processing fee
  • Change in Location: $100.00
  • Change in Control: $250.00

What Are the Prerequisites for License Application?

  • Applicant, or any of such members, officers, directors, or persons in control of the applicant, cannot have been convicted of a felony or have a record of defaulting in the payment of money collected for others, including the discharge of such debts through bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Bond amount: $50,000.00
  • Registered Agent recorded with the Vermont Secretary of State.