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Post-Mastectomy Revision Denials

February 20, 2020

The Department of Financial Regulation (DFR), in consultation with interested stakeholders, is gathering information related to the denial of health insurance coverage for surgical post-mastectomy revision after chest wall reconstruction, commonly known as “flat surgery.” The denials may be due, in part, to problems with coding and billing standards.

DFR is asking anyone who has experienced post-mastectomy revision denials to contact the department.

DFR may be able to help the patients coordinate with their insurance company for a better outcome in insurance coverage.

Under HIPAA, protected health information will be kept strictly confidential, but any responses may be used to inform possible legislation and/or guidelines to insurers to prevent future coverage denials for patients.

If you have had your health insurance coverage denied for a post-mastectomy revision, please contact DFR Consumer Services at 833-DFR-HOTLINE or

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