Hospitality Risk Retention Group, Inc.

Hospitality Risk Retention Group, Inc. (Hospitality) is a risk retention group domiciled in Vermont that has become insolvent.  The Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation filed an Assented-To Petition for Order of Liquidation for Hospitality Risk Retention Group, Inc. (Liquidation Petition) on March 2, 2021 in the Vermont Superior Court for Washington County (Docket No. 21-CV-00406) (Court).  The Liquidation Petition seeks entry of an order of liquidation that, among other things, finds Hospitality to be insolvent, directs that the company be liquidated, appoints the Commissioner as Liquidator, and authorizes the Commissioner as Liquidator to implement the Plan of Liquidation proposed in the Liquidation Petition.

The Liquidation Petition and associated pleadings are available below and, when the Court takes action on the petition, its order(s) will be posted on this site together with any required notice and claim filing instructions.  Please note that, because it is insolvent, Hospitality is unable to make payment in the ordinary course of business and claims against the company will need to be submitted to the liquidator for resolution pursuant to the Vermont insurance laws.  See 8 Vt. Stat. Ann. c. 145, Subchapter 3.

Hospitality members, policyholders, and creditors are encouraged to contact counsel for the Commissioner (David Leslie – 617-951-1131,; or Stuart Leslie – 617-951-1130, with any questions.

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