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Property and Casualty

Filing Submission Requirements
Annual P&C Reporting Requirements
Rates and Forms Property and Casualty Contacts

Property and Casualty Filing Requirements

The Regulatory filing requirements and Submission requirements provided under this section are for your guidance only; all insurers/filers have the responsibility to read and correctly apply the laws as they pertain to each filing.

Please review the contents of Regulation I-2010-03 Property and Casualty Insurance Filing Procedures and Reporting Requirements.

Commercial Lines other than Auto
Homeowners, Dwelling, and Personal Umbrella Policies
Pet Insurance
Travel Insurance
Personal and Commercial Auto
Personal Lines Other than Auto
  • Regulatory Requirements
    Workers' Compensation
    • Submission Requirements


    Effective immediately and in accordance with the requirements of 8 V.S.A. Section 18, the Rates & Forms Section of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation will begin billing back to filers the reasonable costs of outside consultants hired to review filings.  While the most significant impact of this policy will be on rate filings requiring prior actuarial review, the statute cited above applies to both rate and form filings.  Therefore, an especially complex form filing that, in the commissioner’s discretion, requires review by outside consultants may also be subject to this policy.

    Questions about this policy may be directed to Rosemary Raszka, Director of Rates & Forms, Property & Casualty, at (802) 828-1686 or Emily Brown, Director of Insurance Regulations, at (802) 461-6949.

    Bulletin 189 - Non-Cumulation" Policy Provisions
    Bulletin 186 - Price Optimization in Personal Lines Ratemaking
    Bulletin 184 - Property Loss Claims: No Labor Depreciation

    Property and Casualty Annual Insurer Reporting Requirements

    Below is a list of reporting requirements.  Please click on the links below to access instructions for completion and submission of these reports.


    Commercial Lines

    Rosemary Raszka
    Director of Rates and Forms, Property and Casualty Insurance

    Mary V. Richter
    Senior Insurance Rate & Form Analyst (Commercial Lines)

    Jessica Sherpa
    Rate and Form Analyst (ET) (Commercial Auto and Workers Compensation)

    Zoie Swaim
    Insurance Rate and Form Analyst (Personal Lines)