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How to Renew

Traditional insurance companies licensed to conduct business in Vermont must renew their licenses annually by completing the Vermont Annual Financial Statement Filing. Use the resources below to complete an annual filing.

Note: these instructions do not apply to Vermont Captive Insurers or Foreign Risk Retention Groups.

2022 Annual Financial Statement Filing Instructions and Forms

Below are forms for the period ending December 31, 2022, and for the first three quarters of 2023 for insurance companies required by statute to file with the Department; find information about Annual Statement filings and license (or authorization) renewal fees.

Section 1:  Annual Fee Calculation Forms

Please be sure to use the correct form as the fees are different.

    1A - P&C, L&H, Health, Reciprocal, and Title Insurers

    1B - Fraternal Benefit Societies

    1C - Foreign Accredited Reinsurers

Section 2

Annual Statement Supplemental Report (ASSR)

Section 3

Vermont Mandatory Reporting (Liquor Liability Report)

Section 4: Checklists - Filings with Notes

    4A - Life, Accident and Health / Fraternal Insurers

    4B - Property and Casualty, and Reciprocals

    4C - Health Entities (Insurers, HDMIs, and HMOs)

    4D - Title Insurers

    4E - Fraternal Insurers

    4F - Foreign Surplus Lines Insurers - no longer required

    4G - Foreign Accredited Reinsurers

           Regarding NRRA Federal Legislation

    4H - Alien Surplus Lines Insurers - no longer required

    4I - Alien Accredited Reinsurers

    4J - Certified Reinsurers

    Life Settlement Providers

    Third-Party Administrators

        Renewal Instructions and Form

Addendum to Health Insurer Annual Statement