Limited Lines Producers

Information about license requirements, how to apply for a license and FAQs. 

The following Limited Line Producer license types are available from the State of Vermont. Select the qualification type below for information related to the license. See Bulletin 157 - Limited Lines Producer Licenses

  • Credit (Individual and Business Entity)
  • Rental (Individual and Business Entity)
  • Other Limited Lines (Individual) Including Crop, Surety and Travel 


Limited Lines Producers who missed the March 31, 2017 License Renewal Deadline. The license of a Limited Lines Producer who did not renew as of March 31, 2017 has now lapsed. Vermont does not have a “grace period” for a license renewal, and a license cannot be “reactivated”. Individuals, whose license has lapsed, must apply for a new license. In order to apply for a license, follow the instructions listed under How to Apply for a License.

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